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What is V-COM2000 ?

V-COM2000 Product Series is a communication system that enable industry to choose latest technology platform over one uniform products. It is consist of many modules and products that each of them can work in connection individually or in combination of other products. It is started from communication port converter up to Intelligent Protocol Router and Converter switch (RCU) that can be act as data concentrator (DCU) or as a Front End Preprocessor (FEP) for SCADA system as well as GPS Time Synchronization server system.

   V-COM2000 Documents   
VC-2DCU Technical Specification Manual V1.5
VC-2RMX Reduntant Statistical Multiplexer User's Manual V1.1
VC-2301 SCADA/DCU/Cellular Modem/Router/Gateway Datasheet V1
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