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What is V-PLC9000 ?

V-PLC9000 Product Series is a Universal communication for realization of PLC links with analogue (aPLC) and/or digital (dPLC) PLC channels anywhere (full programmability) within the extended HF frequency range from 20 kHz to 1,000 kHz. Modular design of V-PLC9000 enables optimal adjusting of the PLC terminal hardware structure to specific needs of particular application. With adding (or removal) of modules structure of PLC terminal can be adjusted to new requirements of analogue, digital, voice, data and Teleprotection terminal.

   V-PLC9000 Documents   
V-PLC9000 Presentation-V1.0
Universal PLC Technical Specification Manual V1.5
VP-9UPT Universal PLC General Description Manual V1.9
VP-9UPT Universal PLC Installation Manual V1.0
VP-9UPT Universal PLC Putting into Operation Manual V1.3
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